Switch Board Upgrade

Our company supplies all new switchboard components required when upgrading to the required standard of today. Safety switches (rcd) are incorporated and all connections and testing. We work for strata and real estate companies doing switch board upgrades for owners and the tenants. We specialize in solar switch board upgrades so all components can fit in the large meter box.

Led Lighting

LED lighting is dominating the lighting market now and our electricians are experienced in choosing the best option and connecting the fittings. From downlighting to external garden lighting we do it all with a result the homeowner will admire.

New Houses

New house electrical work is completed by our electrical team from start to handover. Temporary power through to final inspection and power up is coordinated and run by our qualified foreman and tradesman. We recommend changes if they are required due to our knowledge of new builds and what might be critical when furniture goes in. We cover every aspect of cabling. In a new house from electrical, intercom, data, security, Cctv, TV antenna to switchboards.

Extensions / Renovations

Our electrical division is skilled in all aspects of renovation and extension works. We specialize in this category of work and advise the home owner on the best options for the building works.

Power Points

We supply and install new power points in existing homes and businesses. The latest release of trendy covers are available down to the standard white points. Wherever you require a new outlet – we can do it.

Alarm systems Monitoring

Our company provides 24/7 back to base alarm monitoring from $330 per year. Prices vary depending on reporting system, the most common system used now is gprs as the NBN has made it one of our only choices. Our pricing structure for gprs starts at $408 per year.

Home + Business

All our products and services are designed for both home and businesses, we will design and install the best system for your needs and budget.

Service Maintenance

Our company has the capacity to arrange service and maintenance agreements with your company, residence or building. This allows for a budget to be set and no unexpected expenses arise unless it’s not included in the maintenance package. We design the package to suit your needs and can be varied so all parties are satisfied.

No contracts

Our monitoring services are popular due to the ‘NO CONTRACT’ deal we have with our new and old clients. We install the alarm or cutover existing systems to our Grade 1 monitoring station and you are not tied into a contract that no one ever really wants. It pushes us to deliver quality service to all our clients.

Card Readers

Card readers are integrated with the access control system and alarm system if required. Allows access through doors from 1 to 126 doors and they are a neat addition that blends in around the access area. Badge your tag or card at the card reader and the door strike will release for access to the building.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems are designed for secure buildings, apartment buildings and more often residences for keyless entry. A tag or card replaces your door key and a card reader is installed adjacent to the entry door. The access system can be operated with the alarm system equipment with more advanced programming and design.  (more…)

Lift Control

Lift control is incorporated in residences or apartment buildings that have access control, intercoms and lifts. We are able to program the system to automatically call the lift when the access button is pressed.

Cards , Tags & Remotes

The design of our security system incorporated with access control allows for the use of programmed cards for entry that are allocated individually to people for ease of management. The fob or tag work the same way as a card but often preferred due to the size and look of them that can go on your key ring. Every card, fob or tag is programmed for individual access as required by the administrator.Remotes can be added to all alarm systems for ease of operation and can also be added to existing systems.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems have become popular for their security benefits and being able to see who is at the residence or business front door. With added options of door release from the push of a button while talking to the visitors. Color video or voice only are options with the intercom systems we use for both residential, business and high rise apartments. We can install a quality intercom at your new or existing house which will compliment the building while increasing security and practicality.

Camera Systems 4/8/16

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Remote Viewing To Mobile Phone

Our alarm systems and CCTV are able to be viewed remotely via your phone, iPad or laptop. It maximizes the camera system you have installed and you get a live update on what is happening. Internet is required at the residence or business. A ‘must have’ once your cameras are installed and highly recommended by us.

Homes, Unit,Blocks, Business

Our security and CCTV specialists will design and install a complete system for businesses, apartment blocks and homes. CCTV at residences is increasingly becoming standard equipment in new homes and renovations. We can install anything from a 4 camera system to a 64 or more camera system network. We program the system to be viewed onsite and offsite via mobile phone, laptop or iPad. A great addition to your biggest investment!

Data Cabling

Our technicians can install cabling for your data needs, from the NBN connection box into your modem / router and out to all your devices. Hardwired data points are still the preferred option for reliability where possible.

TV Installation

Having your slimline hi definition tv mounted on the wall finishes the look of the room. We install the tv so no cables are visible and power points, data and hdmi leads are all hidden behind the tv. The cables are connected below the tv in most situations to your amplifier, Foxtel Box, Play Station. We supply the bracket that will best suit the tv installation and program everything for ease of operations.

Antenna Installs

Antennas are an integral part of every household and with digital TVs it provides the quality signal strength required. One antenna is required and can be split to rooms as required, We can design the new system or replace existing points with new cable for a crystal clear picture.

Speaker Installs

We supply and install speakers to suit your home entertainment area or alfresco area. We are happy to recommend speaker types or install something you have purchased. Recessed speakers are a good option for clean lines on the ceiling. Quality is the main goal for a surround sound system or outside entertaining areas.

Simplicity of Use

The development of  advanced security systems has allowed us to head towards home automation all run by our advanced technology incorporated in one system.

The head end of access control, cctv and security can be operated from an iPad or similar. This subsequently makes turning on and off devices very easy.

The chance to include modern technology should not be underestimated, you may have one chance to “get it right” so our team will advise the best options in relation to value for money.


Monitor and control the movement of all personnel and vehicles in your facility. Protect critical assets and manage the safety of your staff and visitors.

  • Easily assign access permissions mandating who can go where and when, including visitor access.
  • Manage the reporting of security alarms and audit their responses.
  • Ensure compliance with business systems and government regulations.
  • Respond to emergency situations, lockdowns and alerts.
  • Manage your OH&S liability by utilising competency based access control.
  • Remotely monitor and control your lntegriti system with iOS and Android Apps.
  • Manage your entire security operation from a single user interface. With lntegriti acting as the complete Security Management System,integrate a variety of security sub-systems, such as CCTV, Biometrics, Mobile Duress, Lighting.
    Air-Conditioning, Intercom, Fire and many more.